Our Mission

Creating a foundation for Women of all kind, to feel free and confident to embrace their natural power. To be able to wear their pride, dignity, and most importantly their personality with style.

About B.A.E.

B.A.E. was established, from my love of art, Poetry, books and most importantly my strong desire to work for myself. After years of analyzing streetwear branding, I came to the conclusion that women need something of their own, that promotes their abilities, that highlights their strength, and mainly something that shines light on their power.

My mission was to create something different, something unique that would correlate with a woman’s phenomenal nature. This was the birth of B.A.E.


Darrell Roberts

- Owner

Born on the Southside of Chicago October, 01, 1990. He attended O’Keefe Elementary School and received his diploma from South Shore High School. Roberts always desired to be his own boss. He enjoyed talking to people with undeniable charm and charisma that always caused people to naturally gravitate towards him. Being an entrepreneur was his calling, which motivated me to start his first business when he was 13 years old. After working 3 years for Coco-Cola, in the Spring of 2018 he started his most promising business of all B.A.E. (Beauty & Excellence) female clothing brand. This is his story…